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Successo Napoletano is a cookery book illustrating the Love and Art required for the preparation of the original Pizza Napoletana and healthy home cooking.


A complete reference book on one of the most acclaimed cuisine of the Mediterranean basin, dealing especially with Pizza, Pasta, Soups, Vegetables, Legumes, Fish and Fruit. Neapolitan Success is much more than a cookery book, as it covers all aspects

of a healthy type of cuisine, which is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Apart from containing the author controversial opinion on ancient and modern nutritional habits, it also includes the personal memoirs of this international recognised authority and leading exponent of Southern, Italian cooking.


The book could be adopted by chefs and housewives of far away nations, as the ingredients used in the recipes are available almost anywhere in the world.


It is composed of circa 600 pages of A4 typescript and .... mainly coloured photographs. The oeuvre represents an outstanding opportunity to publish a book, which is likely to be consulted as a reference book. The very book that mothers would love to give to their daughters to treasure for the generations to come .


The target market of Successo Napoletano is orientated towards domestic and professional chefs aiming to establish their own catering outlet, serving healthy food; as well as the gift/coffee table market.


The assumed selling price is in reason of £25.00 - £50.00 for a luxury version.


The outline content of the book is enriched with: biographical details about the author childhood and youth in the post-war Naples. Early catering experience in England during his study of the language.

The encounter with Peter Boizot and forging the foundation of Pizza Express,

(i.e. the dough formula, the kind of pizza to sell, the menu etc, etc,) and subsequently the experience of opening “Da Mario” in Gloucester Road - Kensington.


Broad opinion about cooking, the restaurant business, food trends, the contemporary restaurant clientele of today and more. An in depth survey on the nutritional values

and ways of cooking those Neapolitan ingredients available world-wide, omitting products in existence only locally.


The panoramic view of this book takes you to a comprehensive journey from the early century ways of preparing pizza, pasta, soups, and fish, to finally make you aware of the great triumph of the vegetables over almost any kind of animal meat.


The ending chapter deals with a radical investigation of today coffee market, starting from the origins of a few plantations in Arabia to today's massive world-wide consumption of this black beverage, once believed to be magic, aphrodisiac, and evil; while today is considered a tonic with the ability to sharpen your brains activity, procuring you a boost to your daily output.


Each chapter finishes up with an end of the chapter “home story”, dealing with the character and folklore of the Mediterranean people.

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The Bay of Naples.